Thursday, November 20, 2008


It's the eve of Twilight, the movie, and my Maude has absolutely driven me CRAZY this last week. Now, don't get me wrong, I adore the fact that this book has gotten teens to pick up books in general, stop texting and start reading, but seriously??? No, really, seriously?? It was ok, it was entertaining, perfect for the genre it was written for. But these nutsy Twilight moms???? What on earth is that all about? There are old ladies, yeah, that means they are my age, drooling over this fictional character, who, in my opinion doesn't have a tenth of the depth of Mr. Darcy. But, that's a whole other ball game. Well, I guess it's not really, you see Mr. Darcy was written I think, (and humor myself) for the more mature mind. And really, Edward...really? So, my question is, are there honestly that many middle aged, miserably married, longing for the teenage twitters of years gone by women??? Apparently so. It has been my finding (yes it was a very extensive research project-not) that the women (and that's what we really are ladies, grown women)who didn't fall deeply in love with Edward and said books, are educated, well read, and pretty happy. (of course I found that, since I fit into that group.) But that's just me. All the rest of you...well you seem a bit unhinged to me. It's terribly odd. And that, my now much offended friends, is what drives me batty about Twilight.

That being said, I will let you know if the movie is better than the book (I think it will be) because I am taking Maude tomorrow night. Pray for any crazy Twilight Moms that I may encounter, and maybe, just maybe I will hold my tongue and only smile sadly at them. :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Post Election Thoughts

Well, finally a week ago it was over! Didn't it seem like it was the longest election ever? Even my kids got into it, asking me the week before who I was going to vote for, and then telling me who'd they vote for. As with anything that involves children, there was a great deal of humor! Sprite cannot say Obama, she came home from school wanting to know if I was 'going to vote for that Oakabama guy.' We all laughed and laughed, so now she won't quit saying it! On election day itself, the kids all inquired had we voted, yes of course, early voted in fact, (bad move, we had to wait in line for an hour and a half) Squash and Sprite were so relieved at this. Now, what kind of mother would I be if I didn't take this golden opportunity and mess with Sprite a bit? After all, she had been so very serious about this election, as involved as a child could be. So naturally, I asked her had she voted today? Oh to see the look of panic on her little face, priceless! She stammered on and on, 'teacher didn't tell her too', 'she didn't know where she was to have voted', 'could I still vote?' Now, Squash being a very decent older brother, told her 'we all voted in the lunch room, didn't you?' Sprite lost it, started crying and wanted to get back to school to vote. At that point Squash was rolling and I told her it was all a joke. Squash gently told her 'duh, we can't vote until we're 18!' Isn't he the best brother in the world? Truly a tribute to all big brothers.
That evening we all gathered around the ole telly and watched the results roll in. The kids turned it into a game of sorts, some choosing the 'blue' team others the 'red' team. And then the results were in, we had a new president. It was really great to be able to explain the whole process to them. However, the three younger children learned something they had never noticed before-that there was a difference between white & black people. Truly, they had never noticed it. Yes, they noticed different skin colors, but we've long told them God loves all colors, so he makes people just as colorful as nature. They where told by there dad, see how McCain skin is white, and Obama is darker? That's what the news people are talking about, that's why they keep calling him black. Sad. How sad. They honestly never knew any of the race stuff that we grew up with. And so with the media going on and on about how monumental it was that perhaps the race barriers were finally down, they managed to put up a few more with children that had never even known they existed. Brilliant.

On the writing front, still editing what the computer tried to kill, and it's actually going really well. Plus I found parts of book 2 in an email I sent to my mom, thank heavens for moms, so after I polish book 1, I have the pieces of book two to start with. Reading....ahhh, finished Sense & Sensibility, which was good, not as good as Pride though. And of course, as I was wondering the Library, I sorta got sucked into the isle with Binchy, so I am reading a bit more of her.

It is feeding time at the zoo, and there are terrible screeching noises coming from the the zoo keeper I am obligated to check this out!


'May the road rise to greet you, and may the wind always be at your back.'
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