Monday, June 16, 2008

Dance Mom Day

Just a few minutes before I get ready to run Maude & Spice ready for their big ballet recital. Now, mind you this is strictly ballet, no Brittney Spears dancing here, and the girls get to dance to a real orchestra in the pit and everything.....ahhh memories....I was always worried about falling into said pit. It's always a fun day with the girls and we are taking Salsa with us this time to join in the bonding. However, I much prefer the soccer mom role versus the dance mom one I'll be playing today. That, and I have a terrible tooth ache and can't get into the dentist until Friday! I don't think people fully understand how badly a toothache is until they've had one. Having had a full blown toothache, they are awful! But I shall persevere onward.
As to the strange and mysterious world of publishing; I think I'm upto 4 rejection letters....I'm getting used to it. I really think my query letters just stink, that has to be it, it couldn't possibly be my writing could it??? NO! hahaha. Anyway, it's still something that I love doing, and Maude won't let me quit, always breathing down my neck (like she is now) to write more. Besides, some of the drivel that's printed out there, mine can't be much worse than that, right?? Well, time to go beautify Maude & could be a long process, so must get on with it! Tata!

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