Thursday, August 28, 2008


What I'm reading: Middlemarch, by George Eliot

On the literary front...ever heard the word revise? Yeah, me too. Really stinks, but quite necessary. And so after much thought, numerous rejection letters, and a bit of revelation ;) I have ripped the book apart (not literally) and started the beginning over again. Oh, and the ending as well. Sorta. In all reality, ego aside, I think it will be much better this time around. But, on the up side, the bits taken out should fit perfect into book 2. Which would explain why they never really belonged in book 1. Although it's been a bit of work, I love it. Crazy, but I freaking love it. I hadn't been writing for a bit because of the kidlets being ever present. (Oh dear, my biggest fan, Maude, just read this and is distraught....she loved the book as was...well, she'll like it this way to.) So, I'm back at it, up at 5:30am and writing away, cup o' hot chocolate on the's so nice to be home! Reading wise, I'm still plugging away at Middlemarch, and shocker, I'm enjoying it! It did take a 150 odd pages to get into it properly, but now, it's quite good. I think after that I'll read Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. You do know it's going to be on the telly soon, so I thought I'd give it a read. Besides, I really liked Moll Flanders, and I'm curious to see how different this will be in comparison to that. Silly, I know. (Maude seriously just asked me if vampires (as in..sigh from her...Edward) could taste food. For the millionth time I had to explain that there are NO SUCH THINGS as vampires...thanks Ms. Meyers.)

On the home front....I still can't believe it, the kidlets started school on Monday (woohoo!) and the house is so quiet! I think if I yelled "Hello" it may echo, seriously. That being said, I feel like I've spent the entire week getting the house back in order from a summer of fun. It's almost there! I have numerous little chores set aside for myself when Salsa starts pre-school (or pretty-school as she calls it) next week. So, yeah, I've been happily occupied. The kids all love being back in school, even Maude, who daily tells me how absolutely annoying all seventh graders are, now that she's an eighth grader. Remember those days???(she just started up again, I can't take much more!) So that's about it on the home front. Oh yeah, we did venture up into the mountains last weekend to take the kids hiking. All four of them walked, which is huge, considering for the last 13 years Super Spouse has carried one of them at one time or another. He never realized how easy the hike was with out a child in arms! On the down side, we did encounter a bee hive, and sadly, Squash & Sprite were stung. Maude & I ran quickly, Squash had the misfortune of having a bee fly up his shorts and sting his bum. (I think I made him made because I was laughing so hard) Sprite froze with fear, until Super Spouse swooped down and she clung like a monkey to his leg, while he carried Salsa. That too was funny. So obviously I have an odd sense of humor. Can't help it. Ever since I was small I've always laughed, or tried very hard not to, when someone got hurt. My mom is the same way, it must be a genetic thing.

Well, it's feeding time at the Zoo for my herd!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back from far away....

So, Maude had a soccer tournament this weekend far, far away from home. What is it about these tournaments that makes us continue to sign our kids up for the craziness? Her team took second place, so that's all well and good, but it did cost us a small fortune in gas money. I used to think as the kids got older, out of diapers & formula, they would be cheaper to keep-boy was I wrong! I'd love to be able to just feed them formula all day now! That's not to mention the clothes, (Maude's clothes are now the same price as mine, and we share a shoe size, lol) the activities...the list goes on and on! The other kidlets endured like little champs, and we all returned home safe, if not a bit dried out from the sun & heat. Besides, we managed to still catch exciting Olympic events each evening, so I'm not complaining.

What is it with the Olympics? They are so contagious! I have been shocked at how my kidlets have tuned in religiously each day & night to watch sports they have never seen before. They loved the swimming (and Squash hates water) but who didn't love the Michael Phelps Phenom? Sprite is determined to become a gymnast, in her words, "I've just got to be on TV!" It's been a great way to wrap up the summer....hey have I mentioned that fact that the kids go back to school in 5 days? (Hallelujah!) But whose counting? Not me, obviously.

As to other things, I've picked Middlemarch back up again, this time I am determined to finish it through. I have to share a line from the book that just cracked me up. I seriously chuckled out loud, causing Super Spouse to raise a curious eye brow.(he can't believe that anything written in 1871 could be that funny.) Anyway, the line sums up so perfectly the definition of 'keeping up with the Jone's'. It explains why we all outwardly try to appear the same as everyone else, conforming to society, keeping our true opinions tucked safely away, showing them only to those who we really and truly love, where we know they'll be safe. That being said, here is the line from the great George Eliot, pg. 5, "Sane people did what their neighbours did, so that if any lunatics were at large, one might know and avoid them."
The book thus far has plenty of moments such as that, and just to save face, I am actually on page 168. (of course there are 799 pages) Now, the truth is out, I have an odd sense of humor, I know.

On the writing front, I think I'll start the new book, it's simply screaming to be written. I'm still going to finish the sequel to my YA fantasy, on the side, but I need to get this one out. That being said, with all the kids back in school in 5 DAYS (I'm really not counting!) I will have grundles of time to write, and the rigorous writing schedule will resume. (ie: 5:30am rise & shine to write.) But I love it to much to complain. I find that when I write I am a happier person. Somewhere I read that authors don't write for fun, but that they write because they have to, just like they have to breathe. Or something along those lines, which I think is exactly how it feels.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Soccer Game vs. The Wedding

What I'm reading: Finished 'Moll Flanders'

Well, I can't believe the week is almost finished, or that today Super Spouse and I celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary! (Yeah us!) Or, that I just registered Maude for 8th grade, when I'm fairly certain that I just finished it, well at least it seems like it was yesterday. And, my baby, sweet little Salsa, starts preschool this year....add it all up and that makes me O.L.D.! (I'm not even mentioning the grey hairs on my head either!) But, I still feel young inside and that's what matters, so I've been told. Today my sis...hmmm, we'll call this one Bat Girl, is getting remarried to her ex husband. It's a good thing, but still funny to say isn't it? The blessed event happens to be at the same time as Maude's first game in a soccer tournament, oh, did I mention it's also our anniversary? Decisions, decisions! Super Spouse has nobly volunteered to take the brood to the game, whilst I attend the wedding, bless him. And so, with minimal guilt from my mom as to attending Bat Girls wedding, wedding I will be attending.(with a lovely bouquet of freshly cut Zinnia's in hand for the bride.) Wedding is declared the winner. Hope Maude will forgive me (she will, angel that she is) and kick some major butt on the field.

As to Moll Flanders...great read. As I've said before, I didn't think I'd like it, but I really did. I loved watching a person come completely undone, one tiny little step over the line at a time, until she found herself completely on the other side. I think that must make me a bit morbid, but there where a billion great lessons to be learned from the book. I've already mentioned the bit about honesty, and the value of ones word, but namely, from this book I learned that honest people will always be done a bad turn by a dis-honest person (no shock there) and that that fact has not changed in over 400 years, well probably longer(Cane vs. Able). Also, the book brilliantly proves that the old saying "You'll rationalize your way to hell" is 100% true, ask Mrs. Flanders. Or better yet read the book and watch her jump through hoops to try and stay out of hells flames. No really, give the book a read, it's a good one.

Next on my list is 'Paradise Lost' which looks like a yawner, but I thought 'Moll Flanders' would be too, and I was wrong there, so who knows. But, first, I need to vacuum the house, clean the kitchen, get the brood ready for the game and me for the wedding, so really 'Paradise Lost' will sit on the back burner for the moment!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday? Already???

What I'm reading:'Moll Flanders' by Daniel Defoe

Was it just me or did the weekend seem to vanish into thin air? Once again, not nearly long enough for my tastes! However, it was a good one! Martha Stewart had us all over for a party that ended in fireworks, which was very nice. Good food, great people, and fabulous conversation, who can complain? Super Spouse returned from girls camp a day ahead of Maude, his ears demanding reprise from the constant chatter he had incurred at said camp, at the hands of the many teens there. Upon returning, he promptly donned his cape and set out to mow the neighbors yards, since they were now up at camp. Isn't he just a Saint? And good looking to boot! The rest of my brood and I were treated to the opening ceremony of the Olympics, which was really really impressive. It left us awestruck several times. Upon seeing several of the events Sprite has decided that she will be going to the Olympics as a gymnast, now she just needs to start lessons, lol. Maude returned from girls camp, and has not shut up once about it-apparently she had a good time! I think I've heard all her stories three times now-each. Squash got to have a sleepover with his grandma, which he loved, then got to go miniature golfing, and has decided he loves golfing. Even more so when I told him how much Tiger Woods pulls in a year, haha. Little Salsa has been flitting about from friend to friend playing her heart out. She also received a letter from her school telling her about the meet and greet. She's absolutely over the moon about finally going to school like the bigger kids. And as for moi, not to much, just enjoying watching my brood play for the last few weeks of summer vacation.

Of course, I have been reading-writing-not so much. I started reading 'Moll Flanders' this last week, and am really enjoying it, in spite of my self. Remember, I told you I knew something was wrong with me when I loved 'Canterbury Tales', not much has changed there. I really recommend this book though. It's quite an interesting view point on the ups and downs of life, and what makes us do the things we do, whether bad or good. It's very well written (obviously) in a unique style. Almost like you are reading someones journal. I haven't finished it just yet, and I think back in the day it probably had the ladies fanning themselves in horror at some of the things Moll did, but loving it none the less. I'm also pretty sure smelling salts sold out over and over around the time this book was published. So far it has been a good insight at how life was back then, which so far is quite a bit rougher than we have it. For the most part though, I am struck at how much honesty played a roll in day to day life. People took you for your word if they knew you were an honest person-really you could tell them the sky was pink and they'd believe it. As one whose best and worst quality is her honesty, I really envy that way of thinking gone out of style. Anyway, I'll give a better opinion of the book as a whole once I've finished with it, which should be soon as it's not that big. I'm not sure what I'll be reading next, any suggestions, please let me know. Otherwise it will inevitably be another literary great, lol.

Well, the laundry needs folding, and as it's my job, I suppose I ought to get it done!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Scratching a Poetry Itch....

I did it! I finished a few of my required poetry reading, and in the mean time remembered I actually quite like the stuff. So, being in an excited frenzy to share, I thought why not share it here? So enjoy a few lines from the greats courtesy moi!

Sir Walter Raleigh: The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd
If all the world and love were young,
And truth in every shepherd's tongue,
These pretty pleasures might me move
To live with thee and be thy love.
Time drives the flocks from field to fold
When rivers rage and rocks grow cold,
And Philomel becometh dumb;
The rest complains of cares to come.
The flowers do fade, and wanton fields
To wayward winter reckoning yields;
A honey tongue, a heart of gall,
Is fancy's spring, but sorrow's fall.
Thy gowns, thy shoes, thy beds of roses,
Thy cap, thy kirtle, and thy posies
Soon break, soon wither, soon forgotten.
In folly ripe, in season rotten.
Thy belt of straw and ivy buds,
Thy coral clasps and amber studs,
All these in me no means can move
To come to thee and be thy love.
But could youth last and love still breed,
Had joys no date nor age no need,
Then these delights my mind might move
To live with thee and be thy love.

A Cradle Song
The angels are stooping
Above your bed;
They weary of trooping
With the whimpering dead.
God's laughing in Heaven
To see you so good;
The Sailing Seven
Are gay with his mood.
I sigh that kiss you,
For I must own
That I shall miss you
When you have grown.
William Butler Yeats

Didn't I tell you he was brilliant?? :)

A Drinking Song
Wine comes in at the mouth
And love comes in at the eye;
That's all we shall know for truth
Before we grow old and die.
I lift the glass to my mouth,
I look at you, and sigh.
William Butler Yeats

Lastly, a line I found rather humorous while making my way through George Eliot's 'Middlemarch'.( which so far has mostly proven to be more of guaranteed sleeping pill for me, but I will not quit, for it does have it's moments of greatness.)
So, my quote of the day:

"Sane people did what their neighbors did, so that if any lunatics were at large, one might know and avoid them."

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The summer haze is clearing!

Well, it's been a great summer- I can hardly believe it's winding down! We've been camping with the kidlets a few times, and despite their fear they ended up loving it. It seems as though I've been in a bit of a summer haze from which I have emerged, rubbed my eyes, had a good look around and realized,-I have so much to do! Spice has requested that we now call her Sprite, and so we shall. Maude is at girls camp & hopefully loving it-Superhero Dad is en route to assure that this is the case- along with keeping a masculine eye on a camp of full of teenage girls! Bless him, I've already talked to him tonight and he's bored out of his mind. Despite his outrageously good looks, girls make him skittish! The other three offspring and I have just cleaned up our chocolate marshmallow milk-shakes and are preparing for bed.

On the writing horizon-well it's been dark and dreary. I really haven't written to much this summer, I suppose having the four wee ones running about has contributed to that somewhat. But, never fear, I have picked up the proverbial pen and paper to begin again at last. I am several chapters into my second book, along with an plot outline drawn up for a third. (which I am just itching to get started on...discipline....must finish book 2!) I have spent most of my time this summer tweaking my query letter, I think I'm on my 3rd or 4th draft, and I still don't know if it's any good or not. I really wish there was some one who could say it was rotten or passable, oh well. I've also pulled out my 'required reading list for English Lit. majors' and began ticking through it again-I find my writing betters as I read the literary greats, go figure. Honestly, I've probably done more reading than writing as of late, so I feel a bit over indulged, but full of lovely literature!

As to what I've read, I must confess I was 'bitten by Twilight' as they say and just finished the 4th book of that series. I hated the first, liked the 2nd, enjoyed the 3rd and thought the fourth was quite good, it tied up all sorts of loose ends, and even left more room to grow if the author wanted to, without leaving you hungry for anything left unanswered. Well done Stephenie Meyers. Maude followed me around begging me to read it, hoping above all hopes, that I two would fall as deeply in love with Edward as she was. I caved, and began reading, but alas, I did not fall deeply in love with Edward-who needs him when I have my own? They are however, quite entertaining books, that are well written though, so whose complaining? (hardly a soul if you looked at Ms. Meyers bank account I should think!) I've also read Maeve Binchy's 'Scarlet Letter', (again) I thought I hadn't read it, and a few pages into I discovered I had, but it had been a while, and it was still good, so why not finish it! Of course what reading binge could be complete without a Catherine Cookson novel, several of Jane Austens, and of course, the endearing Jane Eyre, for the 100th was bliss. I even veered off the Twilight path, when my dear Martha Stewart sis in law recommended the Vampire Diaries, which were good entertainment, but eerily similar to Twilight, and turns out they were published when I was a teenager-guess I missed that one!

So yes, now the truth is out, I am a BOOKWORM, unashamed and loving it. I suppose I knew I was different when in high school we were forced to read "The Canterbury Tales"-while everyone else moaned and groaned, I read it quickly and loved every word of it. Sadly I suppose that makes me not only a bookworm, but a book nerd as well! It could be worse!

Now, for my final confession; it turns out I quite adore poetry. Poor platelet girl has had to endure two poems read to her over the phone tonight as I read my required W.B. Yeats. Is he brilliant or what??? I've also been reading a bit of Shelley & Keats as well, but the Irishman holds my attention, and quite possibly my heart at this point!

Well, my eyes grow heavy and Salsa is needing her bed (shhh, I think I hear Yeats complete works is calling to me from my night stand)! Another day done, ready for the next one when Squash will inevitably continue his quest in building the perfect club house, Sprite will pick a fight with someone (I still think Spice is a better name, but she's awful bossy) and Salsa will skip about smiling her adorable crinkle nosed smile, as Demon dog chases her! And what adventures will Maude have at girls camp, only time will tell!


'May the road rise to greet you, and may the wind always be at your back.'
Enjoy your time in my corner, please feel free to comment and tell me what you think. Besides, I'm nosy and that way I'll know you've been here! ;)