Thursday, August 28, 2008


What I'm reading: Middlemarch, by George Eliot

On the literary front...ever heard the word revise? Yeah, me too. Really stinks, but quite necessary. And so after much thought, numerous rejection letters, and a bit of revelation ;) I have ripped the book apart (not literally) and started the beginning over again. Oh, and the ending as well. Sorta. In all reality, ego aside, I think it will be much better this time around. But, on the up side, the bits taken out should fit perfect into book 2. Which would explain why they never really belonged in book 1. Although it's been a bit of work, I love it. Crazy, but I freaking love it. I hadn't been writing for a bit because of the kidlets being ever present. (Oh dear, my biggest fan, Maude, just read this and is distraught....she loved the book as was...well, she'll like it this way to.) So, I'm back at it, up at 5:30am and writing away, cup o' hot chocolate on the's so nice to be home! Reading wise, I'm still plugging away at Middlemarch, and shocker, I'm enjoying it! It did take a 150 odd pages to get into it properly, but now, it's quite good. I think after that I'll read Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. You do know it's going to be on the telly soon, so I thought I'd give it a read. Besides, I really liked Moll Flanders, and I'm curious to see how different this will be in comparison to that. Silly, I know. (Maude seriously just asked me if vampires (as in..sigh from her...Edward) could taste food. For the millionth time I had to explain that there are NO SUCH THINGS as vampires...thanks Ms. Meyers.)

On the home front....I still can't believe it, the kidlets started school on Monday (woohoo!) and the house is so quiet! I think if I yelled "Hello" it may echo, seriously. That being said, I feel like I've spent the entire week getting the house back in order from a summer of fun. It's almost there! I have numerous little chores set aside for myself when Salsa starts pre-school (or pretty-school as she calls it) next week. So, yeah, I've been happily occupied. The kids all love being back in school, even Maude, who daily tells me how absolutely annoying all seventh graders are, now that she's an eighth grader. Remember those days???(she just started up again, I can't take much more!) So that's about it on the home front. Oh yeah, we did venture up into the mountains last weekend to take the kids hiking. All four of them walked, which is huge, considering for the last 13 years Super Spouse has carried one of them at one time or another. He never realized how easy the hike was with out a child in arms! On the down side, we did encounter a bee hive, and sadly, Squash & Sprite were stung. Maude & I ran quickly, Squash had the misfortune of having a bee fly up his shorts and sting his bum. (I think I made him made because I was laughing so hard) Sprite froze with fear, until Super Spouse swooped down and she clung like a monkey to his leg, while he carried Salsa. That too was funny. So obviously I have an odd sense of humor. Can't help it. Ever since I was small I've always laughed, or tried very hard not to, when someone got hurt. My mom is the same way, it must be a genetic thing.

Well, it's feeding time at the Zoo for my herd!

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