Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday? Already???

What I'm reading:'Moll Flanders' by Daniel Defoe

Was it just me or did the weekend seem to vanish into thin air? Once again, not nearly long enough for my tastes! However, it was a good one! Martha Stewart had us all over for a party that ended in fireworks, which was very nice. Good food, great people, and fabulous conversation, who can complain? Super Spouse returned from girls camp a day ahead of Maude, his ears demanding reprise from the constant chatter he had incurred at said camp, at the hands of the many teens there. Upon returning, he promptly donned his cape and set out to mow the neighbors yards, since they were now up at camp. Isn't he just a Saint? And good looking to boot! The rest of my brood and I were treated to the opening ceremony of the Olympics, which was really really impressive. It left us awestruck several times. Upon seeing several of the events Sprite has decided that she will be going to the Olympics as a gymnast, now she just needs to start lessons, lol. Maude returned from girls camp, and has not shut up once about it-apparently she had a good time! I think I've heard all her stories three times now-each. Squash got to have a sleepover with his grandma, which he loved, then got to go miniature golfing, and has decided he loves golfing. Even more so when I told him how much Tiger Woods pulls in a year, haha. Little Salsa has been flitting about from friend to friend playing her heart out. She also received a letter from her school telling her about the meet and greet. She's absolutely over the moon about finally going to school like the bigger kids. And as for moi, not to much, just enjoying watching my brood play for the last few weeks of summer vacation.

Of course, I have been reading-writing-not so much. I started reading 'Moll Flanders' this last week, and am really enjoying it, in spite of my self. Remember, I told you I knew something was wrong with me when I loved 'Canterbury Tales', not much has changed there. I really recommend this book though. It's quite an interesting view point on the ups and downs of life, and what makes us do the things we do, whether bad or good. It's very well written (obviously) in a unique style. Almost like you are reading someones journal. I haven't finished it just yet, and I think back in the day it probably had the ladies fanning themselves in horror at some of the things Moll did, but loving it none the less. I'm also pretty sure smelling salts sold out over and over around the time this book was published. So far it has been a good insight at how life was back then, which so far is quite a bit rougher than we have it. For the most part though, I am struck at how much honesty played a roll in day to day life. People took you for your word if they knew you were an honest person-really you could tell them the sky was pink and they'd believe it. As one whose best and worst quality is her honesty, I really envy that way of thinking gone out of style. Anyway, I'll give a better opinion of the book as a whole once I've finished with it, which should be soon as it's not that big. I'm not sure what I'll be reading next, any suggestions, please let me know. Otherwise it will inevitably be another literary great, lol.

Well, the laundry needs folding, and as it's my job, I suppose I ought to get it done!

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