Thursday, August 14, 2008

Soccer Game vs. The Wedding

What I'm reading: Finished 'Moll Flanders'

Well, I can't believe the week is almost finished, or that today Super Spouse and I celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary! (Yeah us!) Or, that I just registered Maude for 8th grade, when I'm fairly certain that I just finished it, well at least it seems like it was yesterday. And, my baby, sweet little Salsa, starts preschool this year....add it all up and that makes me O.L.D.! (I'm not even mentioning the grey hairs on my head either!) But, I still feel young inside and that's what matters, so I've been told. Today my sis...hmmm, we'll call this one Bat Girl, is getting remarried to her ex husband. It's a good thing, but still funny to say isn't it? The blessed event happens to be at the same time as Maude's first game in a soccer tournament, oh, did I mention it's also our anniversary? Decisions, decisions! Super Spouse has nobly volunteered to take the brood to the game, whilst I attend the wedding, bless him. And so, with minimal guilt from my mom as to attending Bat Girls wedding, wedding I will be attending.(with a lovely bouquet of freshly cut Zinnia's in hand for the bride.) Wedding is declared the winner. Hope Maude will forgive me (she will, angel that she is) and kick some major butt on the field.

As to Moll Flanders...great read. As I've said before, I didn't think I'd like it, but I really did. I loved watching a person come completely undone, one tiny little step over the line at a time, until she found herself completely on the other side. I think that must make me a bit morbid, but there where a billion great lessons to be learned from the book. I've already mentioned the bit about honesty, and the value of ones word, but namely, from this book I learned that honest people will always be done a bad turn by a dis-honest person (no shock there) and that that fact has not changed in over 400 years, well probably longer(Cane vs. Able). Also, the book brilliantly proves that the old saying "You'll rationalize your way to hell" is 100% true, ask Mrs. Flanders. Or better yet read the book and watch her jump through hoops to try and stay out of hells flames. No really, give the book a read, it's a good one.

Next on my list is 'Paradise Lost' which looks like a yawner, but I thought 'Moll Flanders' would be too, and I was wrong there, so who knows. But, first, I need to vacuum the house, clean the kitchen, get the brood ready for the game and me for the wedding, so really 'Paradise Lost' will sit on the back burner for the moment!

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