Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back from far away....

So, Maude had a soccer tournament this weekend far, far away from home. What is it about these tournaments that makes us continue to sign our kids up for the craziness? Her team took second place, so that's all well and good, but it did cost us a small fortune in gas money. I used to think as the kids got older, out of diapers & formula, they would be cheaper to keep-boy was I wrong! I'd love to be able to just feed them formula all day now! That's not to mention the clothes, (Maude's clothes are now the same price as mine, and we share a shoe size, lol) the activities...the list goes on and on! The other kidlets endured like little champs, and we all returned home safe, if not a bit dried out from the sun & heat. Besides, we managed to still catch exciting Olympic events each evening, so I'm not complaining.

What is it with the Olympics? They are so contagious! I have been shocked at how my kidlets have tuned in religiously each day & night to watch sports they have never seen before. They loved the swimming (and Squash hates water) but who didn't love the Michael Phelps Phenom? Sprite is determined to become a gymnast, in her words, "I've just got to be on TV!" It's been a great way to wrap up the summer....hey have I mentioned that fact that the kids go back to school in 5 days? (Hallelujah!) But whose counting? Not me, obviously.

As to other things, I've picked Middlemarch back up again, this time I am determined to finish it through. I have to share a line from the book that just cracked me up. I seriously chuckled out loud, causing Super Spouse to raise a curious eye brow.(he can't believe that anything written in 1871 could be that funny.) Anyway, the line sums up so perfectly the definition of 'keeping up with the Jone's'. It explains why we all outwardly try to appear the same as everyone else, conforming to society, keeping our true opinions tucked safely away, showing them only to those who we really and truly love, where we know they'll be safe. That being said, here is the line from the great George Eliot, pg. 5, "Sane people did what their neighbours did, so that if any lunatics were at large, one might know and avoid them."
The book thus far has plenty of moments such as that, and just to save face, I am actually on page 168. (of course there are 799 pages) Now, the truth is out, I have an odd sense of humor, I know.

On the writing front, I think I'll start the new book, it's simply screaming to be written. I'm still going to finish the sequel to my YA fantasy, on the side, but I need to get this one out. That being said, with all the kids back in school in 5 DAYS (I'm really not counting!) I will have grundles of time to write, and the rigorous writing schedule will resume. (ie: 5:30am rise & shine to write.) But I love it to much to complain. I find that when I write I am a happier person. Somewhere I read that authors don't write for fun, but that they write because they have to, just like they have to breathe. Or something along those lines, which I think is exactly how it feels.

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