Thursday, September 11, 2008


What I'm reading: Finished Middlemarch...still ruminating on that!

Well, 800 and some odd pages later, I am pleased to say that I have finished Middlemarch! Since hind sight is 20/20 I do have to admit, it is probably one of the best books I've ever read. Seriously. I know, who'd of thunk? Not me, as it took almost 200 pages to really get into it, but it was so beautiful. So full of philosophy, that it has left me thinking ever since I finished the last page. It's one of those books that you actually stop and highlight or mark a clever phrase in it. And besides, it is quite an insight into marriage, which is really interesting considering the author was only married for under a year before she died. The bouncing around from various groups of characters was at first annoying, but in the long run, it did keep hour attention. Also, it was brilliant the way all the characters were ultimately tied together, some without really even knowing the others in the book. And, the she was really something else. Talk about one classy lady! Not to mention the fact that it had romance woven all the way through it, which I adored. So, as I said before, it proved to be one of the best books, although a bit slow at first, that I have ever read. Up next, possibly something by Ken Follett, I hear he's pretty good. Besides, it's probably a good idea for me to come back to my own time period!

Now, as to my book- oh it's still there, and coming along. I am editing it, AGAIN, this is like the 4th time, but perfection doesn't usually come on the first try right? Well, as Winnie the Pooh said, "I have a rumbly in my tumbly." Tata!

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The Gilleland Family said...

You and your books! Think of all that editing as good. At least they want you to revise. That is a good sign. It could be worse. As for your weird books, I am starting to read The Spiderwick Chronicles after Kambree and I love them. You should put them on your must read list!!


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