Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun Blog and Moving On

Well it's been a while, time to post again. First I'd like to share link to a blog that's pretty cool. Rick, a fellow reader of Agent Nathan Bransfords blog, started his own blog called the Public Query Slushpile, the link is I posted my query first, because no one else had, and I really wanted this thing to take off. I thought, if one person does, I'm sure others will follow. Well they did, after mine was shredded to bits, (sob, sob) but I loved it. It was nice to have other writers look at it and give me an unbiased opinion.

So, I've started yet another query, which can be re-posted on the above mentioned sight, and hopefully it will be better. Along those same lines, I read a post where a writer mentioned his first novel, which he loved dearly, calling it his precious, and it reminded me I have come to the conclusion that it's time to put my book (1and 2) on the proverbial shelf and move on. Let them marinate for a bit, things always taste better when they marinate right? After I finish this new query and see if I am at all any closer. Then, I move on. (sigh)

But, I have a new story in my mind, which gets the juices flowing again. I also think some of the problem is...I like to write romance. Not the hot steamy kind, but just a good ole fashioned love story. Fantasy was a bit...forced for me. So, I'll try out what feels natural and see. I may end up right back where I started, but it's the journey that makes it all worth while. So, I step aboard my latest ship of adventure, anxiously looking to the skyline to see where it'll take me.

Now, off to the basement I go. There is a full fledged Rock Band emergency.(thankfully no one called 911) The drums have stopped working (gasp) mid song!!! Squash is quite panicked about this. Battery change me thinks! Super mom to the rescue!

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