Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Happier Story

As requested by Platelet girl, (my number one fan-whoop,whoop) a happy short story. This is another from the IWW group I'm in, the next in line as a matter of fact. The premise for this one was an opening paragraph; make it so good that the reader just has to read more. Of course, it has to be in 400 words or less. So, you tell me how did I do? As a side note, this is actually an opening paragraph for a WIP of mine that is on the back burner while I finish the other book. I am really itching to get this one started, actually, it's constantly playing out in the back of my mind! Soon, soon it will get to be clickity clackity out on word!

Looking back, there were probably a hundred different times I should have told him I couldn’t marry him than the one I had chosen. But I didn’t. As he lifted the veil from my face I just knew. It was at that moment that I discovered I had a backbone and my undying need to please others ceased to exist. What timing. It was then, for the first time in my life that I had done the unexpected, that I had actually done what I wanted.
I looked into his warm brown eyes and said, “I can’t marry you, I’m sorry.”
And then I left. Left the church, left the city, left that life.
I pushed my carry on bag into the overhead compartment on the airplane, buckled my seat belt, and let out a soft sigh. Unexpected; it had become a sort of mantra for me. First the wedding; then I had unexpectedly quit my job. Next I had sent an email to Maura, telling her I’d be there in a day. She had replied that this would be an ‘unexpected surprise’.
Finally I’d made an unexpected stop to mother’s house on my way to the airport to tell her goodbye and left her astonished that she had not been able to make me see her way.
“Margaret, this is so unlike you, you were always such a good girl. It isn’t like you not to listen to Me.” She had said.
I kissed her cheek and climbed back into the cab.
The plane lifted off from the runway. I watched the cars and buildings turn into ants as we climbed; soon only blue water stretched out below us. Next to me sat an unusual man. Not in a bad way, just not in my way.
Unexpected chanted in my head. I threw caution to the wind, tapped him on the shoulder and found my self looking into the darkest pair of eyes I had ever seen.
“Yeah?” he said.
“Hi, I’m Meg.” I said my voice shaking just to spite me.
“And?” he said.
“Umm, well I just wanted to, you know say hello and everything.” I stammered.
He broke into a grin, “Ah don’t go carryin’ on like that love. I’m just pushin’ yer buttons.” He held out his hand, “I’m Ian Meg; it’s a pleasure meetin’ ya.”

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