Saturday, February 7, 2009

Keep on Keepin' On

Just another short post since it's been forever since I've posted. So, I'm still really enjoying IWW; I'm learning so much, and I think (hope) that it's helping my writing. For one thing it's defiantly making it tighter...I tend to babble. On the writing front, still plugging away on book 2, slowly but surely. It's been really fun developing this world a bit more, and dipping into a few others. When I'm done with this bit I have something on the back burner that I'm dying to get started. On the reading front, I haven't had much time, with all the writing that I've been doing.
:( That and the Wii, which is quite addicting have closed the book on that front for the moment.(pun intended) So that's about it for me right now. Off to start dinner for my herd!

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