Wednesday, January 14, 2009

IWW Update

Okay, so I've been participating in the IWW (the link I posted last time) for about a week now. I love it. You've got to try it. Especially the 'Practice Write' bit, which is really fun and has been so informative. My only complaint, is I hate to critique peoples work when it is...ummmm....less than great. I know how personal each everything that we write becomes and I feel terrible ripping them apart. I do it nicely though. On the flip side of that, I have appreciated every critique I've gotten. The bad ones are helping me to grow as a writer, and I'm learning so much from them.

So, give it a try. For me so far it's been really great. I love associating with other writers, it's fun to share a passion like this with other people.

Now, on the book front....still working, working, working, and having the best time. So, that's all that matters right? Right!

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Renee, Wade, and Lee said...

Hi Carley good to see you are doing well. I found your blog off of Staci Tittle's. I love that you have written a book, you are awesome. I started back to school to get my Elementary Education degree. Glad to see you doing well.


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