Friday, February 13, 2009

IWW Exercises

While in the shower yesterday, (it's where I get all my best ideas!) I thought, I should stick a few of my IWW Practice Write exercises on here, just for the fun of it. So, I'm going to. Now, the majority of these are 'in 400 words or less' type deals, with a topic assigned. So, I'll start at the begining, my first one, which I don't love, so please don't judge me to harshly! I wrote it in ten minutes, then hit send. Not my favorite way to write, I like to let things sit for a bit, then look at them with somewhat fresher eyes. But I was excited to begin and nervouse. Anyway, (enough excuses already) this one was called Generation Gap, the premises being ,write an encounter with someone 70 or older and someone else who is a generation or more, younger. it is, in all it's very unedited glory. (Drum roll please.....)

She heard the tractor running outside.
"What on earth is he plowing now?" She wondered. She wiped her hands on the towel in the kitchen and made her way outside to the yard. Sure enough, there he was sitting on top of the tractor plowing the fifteen rows of green beans he'd planted. Beans that were just now ready to begin picking.
She strode across the lawn and stood in front of the tractor where he could see her.
"Granddaddy what are you doing?" she asked in amazement.
"I don't know why I planted all these beans, no one's going to eat them anyway." he answered, pushing the straw hat back and brushing his silver hair back off his face.
"I would've eaten them, you would've eaten them...." She began, struggling to find the right words for this bizarre situation.
"To much work now to pick them sweetheart." he said smiling, his brown eyes twinkled as he smiled.
She was a sucker for that smile, always had been since she was a little girl. "Well, alright. Are you almost finished? Dinner's just about ready."
"Just about, I want to plow the empty field next to this one, weeds'll be out of hand if I don't get to it soon." he said, reaching to start the tractor back up.
She looked over at the field he reffered to, the one that had just been plowed yesterday. "Oh, well, don't be to long, it's almost time for your pills. You'll eat upstairs with us won't you granddaddy?" she asked.
"Yes lil' darlin', I wouldn't miss it." he said, turned the tractor on and put it in to gear. She had to move quick to get out of the way. He was laughing, it was a trick he'd played on all the kids for years. She watched him as he continued plowing row after row of green beans under. Some people would say it was crazy, but she knew it wasn't, she understood. And that's why she was here.

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