Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chicken Little and Black Clouds

This post is right out of left field; but I think I may be Chicken Little, and the sky may be falling! Seriously, well alright, not literally, but it sure has seemed like it. My poor family, they are unraveling left and right! This has been one heckuva few months for us. But, if you have even the tiniest bit of a sense of humor, (which we all do, thankfully) you can laugh at it. And when it's all added up, then looked at, on one page mind you, it's just crazy. is it 3 mos ago, dad lost his job, (who hasn't at this point), no worries though mom went back to work at a grocery store, not exactly her dream job, but it pays. Oh, I neglected to say that before that, sister Batgirl got a divorce. Then sister Platelet girl got this crazy disease where her body stops making platelets, which they discovered when she was in labor, really great timing there.

This was followed by brother Boy Wonder, losing his job, topped off by him breaking his thumb on one hand, and tearing all the ligaments in his elbow on the other arm. Nice. Pretty fun year so far right? Yeah really fun, but wait, it's not over yet! This week, sister Double H can no longer take her three week headache, as it has become debilitating, and has spent the last two nights in the ER, being testing for everything from strokes to MS. Nice. As for me? Well, sister Batgirl called last night, and said, "I've just got to ask you, to you feel like you've got a black cloud over your head?" I said, "Whatever do you mean sister dear?" (well not quite like that) and her reply was, "You're the last one standing, are you scared?" We both laughed our heads off. Well, I wasn't scared, but now, I'm looking up for black clouds! :)

And through all this, what has my beloved family done? We've circled the proverbial wagons. Meals were brought to those who couldn't prepare them, children were taken in by aunts when their parents had appointments, there were endless phone calls of concern, or the kind where you just listen as the other person unburden their selves. I have the most incredible family, our bonds are of super human strength. We don't pick each other apart, we pick each other up. And through all of this madness, we've laughed. Yep, laughed. Bill Cosby once said, "If you can laugh at it you can live through it." (or something along those lines.) How true that is. It may make us sound a bit unwell, but really if you can find humor in yourselves, the rest is cake. That, and surrounding yourself with those you love.

So, lets fix what was broken, Dad has a new job, Platelet girl is cured after a splenectomy, Batgirl remarried her ex, whew, I love happy endings; Boy Wonder....well he's still broken and unemployed, but I'm sure there's a silver lining in there somewhere, and Double H? They couldn't find anything wrong yet (hopefully ever), we're still waiting for test results on some of the uglier stuff, and she's gone to see a neurologist as I type. Fingers crossed, but with the Lords ever watchful eye, everything will work out, I know it. If not, we've got each other, and nothing else matters. And so it goes.


BWhitesides said...

How could you leave out "helmet head"? (only I can call her that!)
Platelet girl!

Carley said...

I was just trying to stick to our sibs...any more and it would be a record holding post! Bless our dear little helmet head!


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