Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ok, just a quick one today, menu's to plan and such. This is the next exercise we did. The premise, as usual, was in 400 words or less, show the down fall of a character due to the demons with in. (reader's digest description.) And so, here is mine, which I felt better about. I spent more time on it, (more than 10 minutes, which is always helpful) and let it sit, then edited it. I haven't made any of the suggested changes, which were really good, I was too busy writing other stuff, but it's still alright as is. Ok, anywho, here it is:

I pulled into the garage, shut the door behind me, and sat alone in the dark, dreading what waited for me when I went inside. Two weeks ago Chelle would’ve been inside getting dinner on the table. My son Drake would run screaming “Daddy!” and then fly into my arms. Lucy would be in her highchair munching on a cracker, smiling at me.
That was two weeks ago. I sighed, got out of the car and went into the house. It was dark and quiet, like a tomb. I turned the kitchen light on. Lucy’s empty high chair stared at me from across the room. A toy truck of Drakes, you know the little kind, sat on the counter, I pulled up a bar stool and sat down, pushing it back and forth. It wasn’t long before the tears streamed down my face; soon the sobs replaced the sound of the toy car.
What had I done? I knew it was wrong, with every fiber in my being I knew it was wrong, but still I kept looking. I had to. I couldn’t stop. Chelle had tried for a year to deal with it. At first she had even put pictures of the kids on the computer screen so I would have to look at them first before I looked at my porn. Like it mattered; I just had to get my fix. We had gone to counseling. I fooled her into thinking it was working, while I watched porn videos at work and got up in the middle of the night to look at more on the web. She had caught me doing that too, and still she had stayed. She put up with so much, until I crossed the final line.
She had left me with the kids to go to the store; golden opportunity I thought. I put Lucy to bed, Drake was playing with his trucks, and I was online, getting my fix. I didn’t even hear the garage open. I also didn’t hear Lucy screaming upstairs. Chelle did though when she walked back in to grab her cell phone. She took one look at me, went and got Lucy, took Drake by the hand and left. Even though I was begging her on my knees to stay promising it was the last time. Again. My wails echo in the empty house that was once my home.


The Gilleland Family said...

How do you find time to write, let alone, cook, clean, etc.? I would really like to know!

BWhitesides said...

I need a happy story!! It made me sad and angry so, it was well written!
I like your new page- much better!


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